Radio, Head Unit, Deck, there are so many terms for the Head Unit in a car, as well as so many options. The option to have a radio has been available for over 85 years!

The main benefit of changing out the Deck in your Vehicle is the features. Is your car an older model and its missing some of the new features of a new car? Chances are you are able to give your current vehicle a bit of a face lift.

There are two types of Decks for Vehicle. Single-Din (One-Din) and Double-Din (Two-Din) these refer to the size of the Radio. This is a Standard size that was created in the early 80's by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (the German Institute for Standardization). To create a Standard Radio size making it easier on consumers.

Major Features available on Single-Din include: USB, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, CD , Radio , Satellite Radio .

Major Features on Double-Din Include : All the Features on a Single-din as well as DVD, Backup Camera Screen, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and Navigation.

For almost every deck install you will need other parts to make it fit snugly in its new home. Most Vehicles require a Dash-kit, harness, and Antenna Adapter. However with the change of electronics in newer vehicle; a data Bus harness is required to keep everything functioning normally.



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